The use of architectural bronze, both extensively and sparingly, is becoming increasingly popular in architecture around the globe. The versatility of bronze allows the material to be applied to many different environments whilst never losing its status appeal. Becoming increasingly popular in contemporary architecture as well as heritage buildings, the finish of the architectural bronze is key in every scheme with many variations to offer through our expertise in patination.


Windows are an integral part to every scheme and bronze systems deliver a unique feel to the design internally and externally. Displaying a crisp, clean profile they provide a remarkable appearance and a quality tone to the scheme.

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Entrance Doors

Bearing the greatest traffic throughput, entrance doors are the most highly observed component of a building. Bronze doors and entrance points are key to providing a quality ascetical and physical user experience.

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A bronze shopfront can only enhance the status of any brand in any location. Creating a sense of pride and quality, visitors are subtlety attracted to step inside and find out more about the uniqueness of the street display.

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